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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you find so many deals?
We are continuously monitoring all flights leaving Dublin to identify cheap flight deals. Our past experiences finding cheap flights has allowed us to develop an algorithm to rate every flight, allowing you to make a decision on whether to book.
How much does it cost?
The service provided is completely FREE! You make your booking directly with the airline and there is no extra cost to you for booking. Some hotel bookings may contain affiliate links but again will result in no extra cost to you.
How are ratings calculated
Different formulas are used to work out what a good deal is based on the destination, including cost, previous prices, seasonality, number of stops and deal rarity. This allows you to be more informed before making your any flight booking.
What is a good rating?
Anything over 3 can be considered a good deal and on the lower end of what you would expect to pay for similiar flights to that destination. If you can avoid it, we wouldn't recommend you book anything under 3.
How do I book flights?
You do not book anything direct with Flight Guru - instead we direct you to the best website to book. In most cases this will be direct with the airline (sometimes through Google first). We may also recommend you check an online travel agent like SkyScanner, when there's a chance of bigger savings.
Can you find a deal for a specific destination?
Most destinations will be good value at some point during the year. Prices of flights fluctuate so regularly and it's important to check back as often as possible as you can - we'd recommend bookmarking this page - to see if the destination you're looking for has a good deal.